The holiday season is fast approaching, and a new survey reveals that most of us prefer to receive gifts as a surprise. The survey of 2,000 respondents found that 79% feel that giving gifts is more enjoyable when the recipient does not expect it. Additionally, 49% of respondents believed that the best gift was a surprise for both the giver and the recipient, like a mystery box or blind-box item.

The survey also found that most of us value meaningful gifts (60%), useful (44%), and unique (34%), while only 8% of respondents saw funny or expensive gifts as the best. Gift-giving is motivated by the experience of 81% of respondents, who believe it is important to be present when someone opens a gift they gave.

When it comes to measuring the success of gift-giving, respondents cited hugs (68%), immediate use or play with the gift (63%), and jumping up and down (55%) as indicators of a great gift. Many respondents can still recall their first gift, with 35% remembering their first gift when they were between five and seven years old and 26% recalling their first gift between the ages of two and four. As kids, respondents often played with their gifts right away (61%), hugged the gift giver (49%), or jumped up and down (40%).

The survey also found that gift-giving leads to happiness for two-thirds of respondents. Furthermore, 70% of respondents said that spending quality time with the child in their life is the most effective way to feel close to them.

While 47% of respondents enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them, the survey revealed that gifts are most commonly given to kids (42%), adult family members (20%), and significant others (16%). For adults, the most common gifts are money or gift cards (63%), clothing (57%), food or beverages (43%), jewellery (39%), electronics (34%), and home goods (33%).

The survey found that 91% of respondents had given a gift to a child in their life, and 5% believed that children aged three to nine were the most fun to give presents to. The most common gifts for kids were toys (72%), followed by clothing (60%), games and activities (57%), money or gift cards (54%), and electronics (39%). The most popular types of toys were stuffed animals (30%), collectables (27%), toy vehicles (25%), outdoor toys (25%), and playsets (22%).

The survey proves that gifting is pleasing and meaningful for both givers and receivers. It also provides useful insights for gift-givers seeking to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Collaborative play (42%), educational value (41%), and surprise factor (39%) were the most important things to consider when selecting a gift. Ultimately, it’s not about the cost of the present but the thought and effort that goes into it that makes it the perfect gift. With Cardgifters, you will be able to make the best gift your loved ones desire!