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For every purchased card at Cardgifters, you get points
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How to earn
Cardgifters points

Register at Cardgifters.

The points will be charged to your account and you will be able to track their amount and spend for next purchases.

Explore hundreds of available gift cards.

Each offer indicates how many points you will get for the purchase!

Buy gift cards.

With every next purchase you will see the option Pay with Cardgifters points at checkout.

Apply the points at checkout! That is it!

Why to join Cardgifters Rewards

Simple conditions

There are no hidden conditions and intricate terms of use of Cardgifters points. Earn points and apply them at checkout. Pay less for the most desired gift cards!

Generous rewards with special offers!

Watch special offers from our partners! Some of them will earn you more points! Choose, mix, match and enjoy the best gift cards!

Clear checkout

Simply apply as many Cardgifters points at the checkout as you want! You can pay for a part or an entire purchase with the points!

Gifting has never been so rewarding!

Read out Terms and Conditions to learn more about the Cardgifters Reward program.