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The card is valid for use in United Kingdom only!

How to use the card Description Terms and Conditions

You can use your gift card as part of the payment or to cover the whole value of the transaction.

The staff member will manually enter the necessary value into their PDQ machine. Please note, this cannot exceed the amount on your gift card otherwise the transaction will decline.

Once entered, they will swipe your gift card on the side of the PDQ machine to redeem the funds.

If the swipe option isn’t available, please ask the staff member to type in the long gift card number on the back of the gift card, followed by the ‘online code’ for the expiry date into the PDQ machine to redeem.

Bella Italia is a renowned Italian restaurant brand that brings the taste of Italy to dining experiences. With its authentic Italian cuisine and warm, welcoming atmosphere, Bella Italia invites guests to savour the flavours of Italy. From traditional pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas to delectable desserts, Bella Italia offers a diverse menu inspired by the rich culinary heritage of Italy. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, family gathering, or casual lunch, Bella Italia provides an inviting setting for enjoying classic Italian favourites. With its commitment to quality ingredients and genuine Italian recipes, Bella Italia captures the essence of Italian dining and creates memorable moments for diners seeking an Italian culinary experience.

– The value on the code can be used as full or part payment at Bella Italia restaurants in England, Scotland & Wales.
– The monies on this code cannot be exchanged for cash. Any remaining balance will be stored on the code and may be used for future purchases.
– All monies on the code must be used by the expiry date, 24 months from the date the card had funds applied to it or the date it was last spent. Any balance left on the code after 24 months of not being used will be deducted.
– You should treat this code as cash. It cannot be replaced if lost.
– This code is not a credit, debit, or cheque guarantee card.
– The company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.


This card is valid for use in United Kingdom only.

While you can purchase this card, please note that it cannot be applied in your country.


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