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Flightgiftcard Portugal


The card is valid for use in Portugal only!

How to use the card Description Terms and Conditions

– Go to www.flightgiftcard.com and click on ‘Book flight’
– Choose any flight from over 300 connected airlines
– Enter your Flightgiftcard value code on the payment page
– Check-in prior to departure on the airline website
– Enjoy your trip!

Flightgiftcard is a unique and versatile gift card that allows recipients to book flights to their desired destinations. With a Flightgiftcard, you can give your loved ones the gift of travel and adventure. The card can book flights from various airlines, offering flexibility and convenience. Whether it’s a dream vacation, a weekend getaway, or a business trip, the Flightgiftcard gives recipients the freedom to choose when and where to travel. It’s an ideal gift for any occasion and allows the recipient to create lasting memories and experiences. With Flightgiftcard, you can inspire someone to explore the world and embark on their next travel adventure.

Your Flightgiftcard is valid for two years after purchase. If your Flightgiftcard is worth more than the flight booking, the remaining balance will stay on the gift card for future use.

If the booking is more expensive than the gift card value, the remainder can be paid for. Flightgiftcards must be redeemed on www.flightgiftcard.com and cannot be redeemed on the airline’s website. For the full terms and conditions, go to www.flightgift.com/terms-conditions/. All rights reserved.


This card is valid for use in Portugal only.

While you can purchase this card, please note that it cannot be applied in your country.


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